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Competition Rules


Repeated (rolling) substitutions are allowed in all competitions up to and including the U/16 age group.  Five substitutes may be named and used.



All players in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 can play in their own age range and/or can only play 1 year up.


Years 7, 8 and 9 can have mixed sex teams.


Year 11s may play in U/18 competitions.


Year 13 players returning to re-sit examinations cannot play in any LSFA or ESFA competition.



Schools and Colleges who run Football related academies or centres of excellence, or who are linked to an external Football Club that runs a similar course and/or sends players to that establishment for education are not allowed to select players signed up for these courses to play in the LSFA or ESFA competitions. 


Any team found to be in breach of any of the above rules will be removed from the competition.



Competition Rules


1.     Results should be e-mailed to the Competitions Secretary within 24 Hours of the game being played.  This should be done by both teams.


2.     Please make sure that games are arranged and played well before the deadline date to allow for inclement weather and the possibility of arranging replays.


3.     If Schools or Colleges are experiencing problems with any County Cup tie they must contact the Competition Secretary before the deadline to explain the problem or difficulty, request an extension or check if an extension will present a problem with future rounds of the competition.


4.     If deadline dates are not kept to and no communication has been made by either side with the Competition Secretary (including sending in results when the game has been played), then BOTH TEAMS WILL GO OUT.


5.     Wherever possible Schools and Colleges must use qualified and neutral referees for all LSFA County Cup matches.  If one can not be arranged, it is the responsibility of the home team to find a suitable alternative and notify their opposition prior to the match.


6.     Schools and Colleges may be left with the situation of using a qualified student to referee a match.  If this occurs, it is the responsibility of the home team to notify their opposition of the situation.  Students may only referee County Cup matches two years or more below their own age.  6th Form students may only be used for games below Year 11.


7.    Eligible players. See above 


8.     Year 11s may play in U/18 matches.


9.     No Year 13 player returning to re-sit examinations may play in any competition organised by the LSFA or National Schools competition.


10.   Any School or College found to be in breach of Rule 7, 8 or 9 will be immediately removed from the competition.


11.   The Competition Secretary’s decision is final in all competitions organised by the LSFA.


12.   If any match organised by the LSFA (except U/18 County League) ends in a draw, extra-time must be played and, if required, followed by the taking of penalty kicks.  A result must be achieved at the first time of asking.


13.   Those Schools or Colleges that reach any County Cup Final must submit their squad details to the cup secretary at least seven days prior to the Final so a programme can be produced.  Each team must also inform the LSFA Secretary of the names of two additional staff members who are required to assist the Executive Committee with the organisation of the Final.


14.   A returnable deposit of £200 must be given by each School reaching a County Cup Final to the most senior member of the Executive Committee at the Cup Final.  This is to cover the cost of any damage incurred by that School or College at the Cup Final.


15.   Up to 16 medals will be awarded to all teams playing in a County Cup Final.  Any pupil sent off during a County Cup Final will only receive a medal at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


16.   A SIZE 5 football must be used for all U/18, U/16 and U/15 matches.

17.   A SIZE 4 football must be used for all U/14, U/13 and U/12 matches.


18.   Duration of games:

45 minutes each way:      U/18 County Cup, U/18 County League, U/18 ESFA.

40 minutes each way:      U/18 Girls ESFA, U/16 Boys ESFA, U/16 Boys and Girls County Cup, U/15

35 minutes each way:      U/14  Cup, U/14 Girls County Cup, U/14 ESFA, U/16 Girls ESFA.

30 minutes each way:      U/13 ESFA, U/13 , U/13 Girls County Cup, U/12


19.   The duration may be changed if agreed by both managed teams.


20.   Schools and Colleges will be expected to play in their nominated colours.  It is the responsibility of the away team to change to a different colour.  No team is sanctioned to play in black.


21.   All shirts must be numbered.


22.   All County Cup Finals will be decided by the taking of penalty kicks if the game were to finish in a draw after extra-time.  This rule may be superseded if both managers agree to share the trophy.